Day 1

I began flipping through a book today, perhaps you must have heard of it. It’s called “Atomic habits”. While skimming through it I realised that for me to be, who I want to be, I need to act like it.

The book highlights the significance of small habits or as the author would say 1% changes in our day to day life.

I am someone who used to love writing but “life happened” and I had a degree to finish. Now sitting here weeks or probably months away from my finals, I am racking up my brain for words to jot down in what could be taken as a sudden bout of motivation after going through the said book. It may be sudden and I may completely give it up but for now, I have my mind made. I will continue to write and make it a habit hopefully.

I used to take pride in my writing but over time it was one of the many things that were left out of my personality in favour of who I was becoming or rather who society wanted me to be. But since I am undergoing “a sudden bout of motivation” I want to be in charge of myself. Hence, I will be writing here every Monday and Thursday’s about everything and nothing. I am not hoping for an audience. I am doing this for myself. And if you ever stumble across it then be my guest and read away all my mindless ramblings.

Author: haiqah

Day by day, little by little.

3 thoughts on “Day 1”

  1. Hi haiqahamid 🙂
    “Day 1” might be meaningful to you, but it prolly isn’t to most people who might see that title … and therefore many people might not click.
    If you want to be heard, then I suggest thinking about whether your text might inspire others to click. I don’t suggest ridiculous stuff like “free money”, but maybe something like “Maybe atomic habits could help me to become who I want to be” — do you see the difference?
    🙂 Norbert


    1. I am planning on making it a series 🙂 It may not seem meaningful right now but I am sure it will make sense as I add on to it. Thank you for your suggestion though. Appreciate it. 🙂

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