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It is not about courage

It is not about hope

It is not about any of these big words

But it is about you

What you choose for yourself

Whether it is love or hate or jealousy

It is you who has to choose

And give a direction to your life



I will write now..With all my might..With everything I have in my power.. Because my emotions are threatening to overflow from my heart…Instead I give them ink. I don’t want blood on the paper. Dripping through my eyes and marking the pulp of wood.. I do want to leave a mark though but not with blood. I would leave a mark on each of your hearts one day with mere words and ink. I would take away with me a part of each of your hearts in grave. Then only I can rest in peace

Strangers tonight

Let’s call each other strangers tonight

Let’s start all over again

Let’s hope it will have a better end

And not shatter like it did before

Let’s look into each other’s eyes

And find the lost spark

Let’s smile like we used to before

With a glint on our eyes

And someday when we are too old remember names

I hope we still remember the spark 

That our eyes once held